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Great New Free PlayStation 4 Games to Download This Month

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If you are a huge Xbox fan, then you might want to consider playing a little bit of the newest console launch with your Xbox. There are hundreds of new titles being released on the PlayStation 4 this month, and you might want to look into some of the new PS4 games. You can get these new titles for free this month, so why not take advantage of it?

There are a lot of new free PS4 titles that you can download and play right now. You will find some incredible new titles in the Battlefront series, and those who like shooting action can be in for a good time. The game has more than just one mode, so you should take your time and choose your options carefully. The zombies have returned from the dead, and they have taken over most of the city of New York. It is up to you to fight them back to reclaim the city for your group and save the survivors from total destruction.

You can enjoy this new and exciting title right now for free if you sign up to play through the beta of the game. If you haven’t played it, the beta is available right now for anyone who plays through the rest of the week. The PlayStation 4 beta has all new features, and a brand new multiplayer mode, so you don’t want to miss this game. If you have played the beta in the past, you will get even more out of it with these new additions. All you need to do is to sign up to play the beta, and you can be enjoying this title right away. The PlayStation 4 offers the best free games this month, so get ready to enjoy this freebie!

The best title for Xbox owners is the epic frontier times war series. You can take control of you favorite character from the game and build your own family tree to rule the land. The war has come to New York once again, and only you, as the brave leader of your clan, can stop it. Do you have what it takes to lead your clan to victory? You better!

Another amazing title is the new version of the popular Dakotah Dakota franchise. You can expect to play as your own daughter in this third installment of the loveable series. This year marks the seventeenth installment, and you should grab this free game. This one has tons of new features to offer, so this is the perfect title for Xbox fans.

If you are interested in getting the latest free games, there are plenty of great ones available on the PlayStation Store. The titles are great to play and offer some great hours of fun. Some titles that have recently been released include: Old School Challenge: Test Drive Express, Jekyll and Hyde: Inside Out, Everybody’s Golf, and The Edge: Follwing the Line.

Don’t wait any longer and grab a few of the new free games for your Xbox this month. There are tons of cool titles available, so make sure you take advantage of the free games offered this month. This is the only month where you can play a brand new game, and it would be a shame to miss it.